Physics IGCSE Edexcel - Specimen 2017 - Paper 1

Topics Assessed in Paper 1

Topic 1 - Forces & Motion
Topic 2 - Electricity
Topic 3 - Waves
Topic 4 - Energy Resources & Energy Transfer
Topic 5 - Solids, Liquids & Gases
Topic 6 - Magnetism & Electromagnetism
Topic 7 - Radioactivity & Particles
Topic 8 - Astrophysics

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q1 Astrophysics

Keywords: multiple choice. 

Q2 Forces & Motion

Keywords: resultant forces, speed, velocity and acceleration.

Q3 Electricity

Keywords: circuits, parallel circuits, resistance in circuits, current and potential difference.

Q4 Waves

Keywords: wave basics, electromagnetic waves.

Q5 Solids, Liquids & Gases

Keywords: pressure in gases, particle motion (kinetic theory).

Q6 Practical Physics

Keywords: investigating voltage.

Q7 Electricity

Keywords: circuits, electricity calculations (power and current).

Q8 Waves

Keywords: sound waves, calculating wave speed.

Q9 Radioactivity & Particles

Keywords: nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, nuclear equations, isotopes.

Q10 Astrophysics

Keywords: orbits, orbital calculations.

Q11 Astrophysics

Keywords: evolution of stars.

Q12 Energy Resources

Keywords: investigating thermal energy transfer.

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