Physics GCSE OCR - Specimen 2016 - Paper 4

Topics Assessed in Paper 4H

Topic 5 - Waves in Matter
Topic 6 - Radioactivity
Topic 7 - Energy
Topic 8 - Global Challenges
Section A - Multiple choice questions (1-15)
Section B - Standard questions (16-25)

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q16 Waves in Matter

Keywords: wave basics, transverse waves, wave calculations, ultrasound.

Q17 Global Challenges

Keywords: reaction times, breaking distance, kinetic energy, work done.

Q18 Radioactivity

Keywords: isotopes, radioactive decay, half-life.

Q19 Global Challenges

Keywords: astrophysics, red shift, the big bang theory.

Q20 Energy

Keywords: conservation of energy, efficiency.

Q21 Energy

Keywords: energy and power, calculating engergy change, calculating efficiency.

Q22 Global Challenges

Keywords: astophysics, orbits.

Q23 Magnetism & Magnetic Fields / Global Challenges

Keywords: transformers, national gird.

Q24 Radioactivity

Keywords: investigating radiation, uses of radiation.

Q24 Global Challenges

Keywords: reaction times, breaking distance, thinking distance.

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