Physics GCSE Edexcel - June 2018 - Paper 1

Topics Assessed in Paper 1

Topic 1 - Motion & Forces
Topic 2 - Conservation of Energy
Topic 3 - Waves & the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Topic 4 - Radioactivity
Topic 5 - Astronomy
Practical Physics

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q1 Waves & the EM Spectrum

Keywords: ultrasound, infrasound, calculating wave time.

Q2 Waves & the EM Spectrum

Keywords: refraction, investigation, calculating wave frequency.

Q3 Radioactivity

Keywords: measuring radioactivity, Geiger-Muller tube, radioactive decay, half-life, nuclear equations.

Q4 Motion & Forces / Astronomy

Keywords: scalars and vectors, orbits, forces, red shift, the big bang theory.

Q5 Waves & the EM Spectrum

Keywords: sound waves, electromagnetic waves, refraction.

Q6 Motion & Forces

Keywords: calculating acceleration, calculating time.

Q7 Conservation of Energy

Keywords: non-renewable energy, kinetic and potential energy.

Q8 Practical Physics

Keywords: investigating energy loss, gradients.

Q9 Motion & Froces

Keywords: forces, acceleration, mass, Newtons laws, momentum.

10 Radioactivity

Keywords: nuclear fusion, nuclear fission.

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