Physics GCSE AQA - Specimen 2018 - Paper 2

Topics Assessed in Paper 2

Topic 5 - Forces
Topic 6 - Waves
Topic 7 - Magnetism & Electromagnetism
Topic 8 - Space Physics

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q1 Forces

Keywords: force and extension.

Q2 Space Physics

Keywords: galaxies, red shift, the universe.

Q3 Waves

Keywords: lenses, convex lenses and magnification.

Q4 Magnetism & Electromagnetism

Keywords: magnetic fields, electromagnets, motors.

Q5 Waves

Keywords: refraction.

Q6 Magnetism & Electromagnetism

Keywords: transformers.

Q7 Space Physics

Keywords: experimental results, converting units, error and uncertainty.

Q8 Forces

Keywords: scalars and vectors, velocity and acceleration.

Q9 Forces

Keywords: reaction times, breaking distance, stopping distance.

Q10 Forces

Keywords: atmospheric pressure, resultant forces.

Q11 Waves / Electromagnetism

Keywords: transverse and longitudinal waves, loudspeakers.

Q11 Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Keywords: the motor effect, magnetic flux density.

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