Chemistry IGCSE Edexcel - Specimen 2017 - Paper 1

Topics Assessed in Paper 1

Topic 1 - Particles and Mixtures
Topic 2 - The Periodic Table and Bonding
Topic 3 - Equations, Calculations & Electrolysis
Topic 4 - Inorganic Chemistry
Topic 5 - Physical Chemistry
Topic 6 - Organic Chemistry

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q1 Particles & Mixtures

Keywords: atom, element. 

Q2 Particles & Mixtures

Keywords: elements, compounds, mixtures, seperating mixtures.

Q3 Physical Chemistry

Keywords: reversible reactions, ammonia chloride.

Q4 Inorganic Chemistry

Keywords: reactions of gases, calculating volume, oxygen, percentage oxygen.

Q5 Inorganic Chemistry

Keywords: reactivity of metals, displacement reaction.

Q6 Inorganic Chemistry

Keywords: group 1 elements, alkali metals, pH, universal indicator, reactivity, balancing equations.

Q7 Organic Chemistry

Keywords: hydrocarbons, general formula, display formula, isomers, homologous series, burning hydrocarbons.

Q8 Physcial Chemistry

Keywords: reactions of acids, hydrochloric acid, investigation, concentration rate of reaction, collision theory.

Q9 Organic Chemistry

Keywords: crude oil, fractional distillation, saturated hydrocarbons, alkanes, empirical formula.

Q10 Physical Chemistry

Keywords: exothermic reation, investigation, temperature increase, calculating enthalpy changes.

Q11 Inorganic Chemistry

Keywords: making salts, ammonium sulfate crystals, filtration, calculating excess, calculating mass, percentage yield.

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