Chemistry GCSE OCR - Specimen 2016 - Paper 3

Topics Assessed in Paper 3H

Topic 1 - Particles
Topic 2 - Elements, Compounds & Mixtures
Topic 3 - Chemical Reactions
Topic 7 - Practical Skills
Section A - Multiple choice questions (1-15)
Section B - Standard questions (16-25)

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q16 Particles

Keywords: atoms, ions, protons, neutrons, electrons, rutherford.

Q17 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Keywords: giant covalent structures, carbon, graphite, diamond, states of matter.

Q18 Chemical Reactions

Keywords: energy profile, bond energies, calculating energy, calculating mass.

Q19 Chemical Reactions

Keywords: calculating moles, calculating mass, balancing equations.

Q20 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Keywords: mixtures, substances, separation, melting points, boiling points, solubility, purity.

Q21 Chemical Reactions

Keywords: balancing equations, making salts, zinc nitrate, neutralisation reaction .

Q22 Chemical Reactions

Keywords: oxidation, reduction, oxidising agent, calculating mass.

Q23 chemical Reactions

Keywords: electrolysis, copper sulfate, electrodes., cathode, anode

Q24 Elements, Compounds and  Mixtures

Keywords: ionic compounds, sodium chloride, melting point, boiling point, dot-and-cross diagram, electronic structure.

Q25 Chemical Reactions

Keywords: balancing equations.

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