Chemistry GCSE Edexcel - Specimen 2016 - Paper 1

Topics Assessed in Paper 1

Topic 1 - Key Concepts in Chemistry
Topic 2 - States of Matter & Mixtures
Topic 3 - Chemical Changes
Topic 4 - Extracting Metals & Equilibria
Topic 5 - Seperate Chemistry 1
Practical Chemistry

Mark Scheme

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Questions by Topic

Q1 States of Matter & Mixtures

Keywords: paper chromatography.

Q2 Key Concepts in Chemsitry

Keywords: ionic compounds, ions, relative formula mass, cations, anions, electronic configuration.

Q3 Extracting Metals & Equilibria

Keywords: reactivity of metals, reactivity series, extracting metals.

Q4 Chemical Changes / Seperate Chemistry 1

Keywords: making soluble salts, making insoluble salts, percentage yield, investigation.

Q5 Seperate Chemistry 1

Keywords: transition metals, corrosion, electroplate, electrode, half-equation, voltage, alloy, calculating mass.

Q6 Chemical Changes

Keywords: electrolysis, electrolyte, electrodes, aqueous solutions, copper, half-equation.

Q7 Extracting Metals & Equilibria

Keywords: dynamic equilibrium, calculating volume, the haber process.

Q8 Key Concepts in Chemistry

Keywords: particles, solid, melting point, balancing equations, calculating mass.

Q9 Chemical Changes

Keywords: strong acids, weak acids, pH, balancing equations, calculating mass, making soluble salts, method .

Q10 Key Concepts in Chemistry

Keywords: calculating volume, limiting reactants, excess, indicator, calculating concentration.

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