Chemistry GCSE AQA - June 2018 - Paper 2

Topics Assessed in Paper 2

Topic 6 - The Rate and Extent of Chemical Change
Topic 7 - Organic Chemistry
Topic 3 - Chemical Analysis
Topic 9 - Chemistry of the Atmosphere
Topic 10 - Using Resources
Practical Chemistry

Mark Scheme

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Questions by Topic

Q1 Chemical Analysis

Keywords: flame test, metal ions, flame emission spectroscopy, tests for cations, tests for anions.

Q2 Chemical Analsis / Organic Chemistry

Keywords: formulations, ethanol production, ethanol, display formula.

Q3 Using Resources / Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Keywords: the haber process, early atmosphere.

Q4 Chemical Analysis

Keywords: paper chromatography.

Q5 The Rate & Extent of Chemical Change

Keywords: precipitate, rate of reaction, investigation.

Q6 Organic Chemistry

Keywords: polymers, polyesters, polypropene.

Q7 Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Keywords: pollution, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, catalytic converters.

Q8 The Rate & Extent of Chemical Change

Keywords: rate of reaction, investigation.

Q9 The Rate & Extenet of Chemcal Change

Keywords: catalyst, exothermic reaction, yield, temperature, pressure, equilibrium.

Q10 Using Resources

Keywords: life cycle assessments, standard form, polymer.

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