Chemistry GCSE AQA - June 2018 - Paper 1

Topics Assessed in Paper 1

Topic 1 - Atomic Structure & the Periodic Table
Topic 2 - Bonding, Structure & Properties of Matter
Topic 3 - Quantitative Chemistry
Topic 4 - Chemical Changes
Topic 5 - Energy Changes
Practical Chemistry

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q1 Chemical Changes

Keywords: metal oxides, acids, soluble salts.

Q2 Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table/Chemical Changes

Keywords: metals, metal compounds, ionic compounds, iron, atoms, oxide, reduction with carbon, atom economy.

Q3 Chemical Changes

Keywords: electrochemical cell, electricity, voltmeter, alkaline batteries, hydrogen fuel cells.

Q4 Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

Keywords: the atom, plum pudding model, alpha particle, isotope, chadwick, bohr.

Q5 Energy Changes

Keywords: displacement reaction, endotherminc, metals, reactivity.

Q6 Chemical Changes

Keywords: electrolysis, electrodes, graphite, sodium chloride, number of moles.

Q7 Mixed

Keywords: group 7 elements, reactivity, hydrogen chloride, display formulae, bond energy.

Q8 Mixed

Keywords: metals, transition metals, metal oxides, extraction, redox, oxidation, half equations, limiting reactant, calculations, percentage yield.

Q9 Chemical Changes

Keywords: acids, alkalis, pH, concentration calculation, titration, mass calculation.

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