Biology IGCSE Edexcel - Specimen 2017 - Paper 1

Topics Assessed in Paper 1

Topic 1 - The Nature & Variety of Organisms
Topic 2 - Human Nutrition
Topic 3 - Plant Nutrition & Transport
Topic 4 - Respiration & Gas Exchange
Topic 5 - Blood & Organs
Topic 6 - Coordingation & Response
Topic 7 - Reproduction & Inheritance
Topic 8 - Ecology and the Environment
Topic 9 - Use of Biological Resources
Practical Biology

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Q1 Use of Biological Resources/Human Nutirtion

Keywords: bacteria, making yoghurt, nutrients, fruit. 

Q2 Ecology and the Environment/Coordination & Response

Keywords: trophic level, food chains, stress response, heart rate.

Q3 Blood & Organs

Keywords: capillaries, muscle tissue, exercise, aorta, diameter.

Q4 The Nature & Variety of Organisams

Keywords: cells, ATP, osmosis.

Q5 Coordination & Response / Biological Resources

Keywords: motor neurons, effectors, bacterium, DNA, genetic engineering, ligase.

Q6 Ecology and the Environment/ Reproduction

Keywords: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, germination.

Q7 Human Nutrition

Keywords: digestive system, stomach, gluten, coeliac.

Q8 Coordination & Response

Keywords: hormones, letrozole, testosterone, oestrogen.

Q9 Reproduction & Inheritance

Keywords: alleles, sickle cell anaemia, genotype, gametes.

Q10 Plant Nutrition & Transport

Keywords: photosynthesis, chlorophyll, starch.

Q11 Respiration & Gas Exchange

Keywords: lung volume.

Q12 Use of Biological Resources

Keywords: selective breeding, glasshouse, crop yield.

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