Biology GCSE OCR - June 2018 - Paper 3

Topics Assessed in Paper 3

Topic 1 - Cell Level Systems
Topic 2 - Scaling Up
Topic 3 - Organism Level Systems
Topic 7 - Practical Skills

Mark Scheme

Questions By Topic

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Questions by Topic

Section A 

Multiple choice questions (1-15)

Section B

Standard questions (16-22)

Q16 Cell Level Systems

Keywords: DNA, enzymes, investigating enzyme activity. 

Q17 Organism Level Systems

Keywords: the eye, focusing, lenses.

Q18 Organism Level Systems

Keywords: kidney, hormones, ADH, glomerular filtrate, water content.

Q19 Organism Level Systems / Practical Skills

Keywords: reaction time, experiment design, median, nerve impulses, motor neurones, the brain, stem cells.

Q20 Organism Level Systems

Keywords: control & coordination, hormones, adrenaline, menstrual cycle, progesterone, oestrogen.

Q21 Cell Level Systems

Keywords: photosynthesis, endothermic reaction, transpiration, guard cells.

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